Method F.

In Method F, prices of different Symbols are being written to file, when there is enought past values (between 2 weeks and 2 months), all past values are beeing serched for past Minimas, Maximas for every Symbol. When during live analysis Minimum, Maximum is being found, that Minimum, Maximum of Symbol that was found and other Minimas, Maximas of other Symbols that were found before represent kind of the state. All past states are being measured by degree of similarity in respect if in Symbol for which Minimum, Maximum was found corresponds to the Minimum, Maximum beeing found for that same Symbol in Past Values, that value with time difference of Minimum, Maximum is used to establish Positive, Negative Corelations. If Positive Correlations are greater then Negative Correlatons then ReverseTrades flag is set to false otherwise is set to true.